Randy Johnston

NEW Full Length CD, Shockwave!!

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NEW 4 SONG EP! -  A Blend of Jazz, Blues, and Rock that has not been heard before!

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RANDY JOHNSTON - Guitar, Vocals

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Randy Johnston's Master Classes
Jazz Guitar Comping & Looper Pedal Basics
Comping and Looper Pedal Basics
Solo guitar gigs can overwhelming and scary. There’s no one there except you and your guitar, on stage or in a corner of a restaurant. You’ve called upon your inner Joe Pass and Tuck Andress but it’s still not enough… 
Enter the world of guitar looping! By playing a tasteful comp, recorded live (none of that pre-recorded backing track stuff), you can add an edge of energy to your solo sets. 
Randy Johnston is here to help you. In this latest masterclass, you’ll discover how to get a solid time feel so that your comping is swinging and solid. Swing and groove is everything so if you want to lock into the pocket, this class is for you.
Tetrachord Scales - Part 1
Tetrachord Scales 1
Move over CAGED fingerings, 3 note per string & other scale fingering methods, here comes Randy Johnston’s new Tetrachord Scales masterclass!
Playing Changes in One Octave
Playing Changes in One Octave
As guitarists, it can get overwhelming sometimes with the long list of things we need to practice. Repertoire, arpeggios, scales, modes, tetrachords, guide tones, licks, etudes, technique – there are so many things to work on. Where do we even start? Sometimes it can feel like everything is disconnected and we can feel lost when we try to put things together.
West Coast Blues
West Coast Blues
In this master class, discover how Randy Johnston takes this Wes Montgomery classic and puts his own twist on it. You will learn not only learn the chord changes but also Randy’s own personal strategies for soloing on it. Navigate through this tune with more confidence at your next gig or jam session.